Saturday, September 10, 2011

Put A Sock In It!

This is  me in my fancy painting/crafting/work clothes
with our neighbor and "cousin" Kara.  She's not
really my niece, but we pretend.

Kara never knows what might happen at the Nurnbergs.
Today I asked her if I could put a sock in her hair.
She didn't even look at me funny before she said, "SURE!".

Look closely at our fancy hair.
Yep, there's a sock in there!
This hairstyle gives new meaning to 
"Put a sock in it!".

I wet Kara's hair down before I rolled it 
up into the sock, and she should have
big , beautiful curls in the morning if
she sleeps in her sock bun.

If you want to see how to make a
sock bun,
go to
and search for
sock bun.

And if you're as blessed as I am,
you'll have an adorable
neighbor girl to
try it out on.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Alabester Caverns

 Inside the caverns.

We made it out!

Now it's time to do some hiking.

Next time we're going to hike first
and then go down into the cool caverns.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Before & After Dresser

Remember this?  From a long time ago?
Well, I finally got it painted and 
moved into Paige's room
She was SO happy!

Much better, huh?
I ended up using some awesome
spray paint - a kind that covers plastic.
So I didn't have to do any sanding - YAY!
I used satin instead of gloss.
I'll probably haul it out and 
put a coat of white gloss on it sometime.
We put some plastic placemats on top
to protect the paint.  The color matches
her walls and the design matches her headboard.

 I picked up the knobs and handles
at Tuesday Morning for about
a dollar a piece.  :)  :)

Paige's "new" dresser looks great with
her Craigslist bed.

Want to see my latest "before" treasure?
I picked it up at a yard sale yesterday.
I was going to line it with a burlap
potato sack that I have, but it
wasn't quite big enough.
So now I'm thinking about
spray painting it a fun color.