Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hoppy Leap Year!

It's February 29th!
It's a leap year!
Hoppy Leap Day!

I know.
It's just another day.
An extra day.

it was kind of fun
to put together a leap year treat
for Hope and Hart's teachers
and my kiddos.

A little jar full of green sixlets for the teachers.

A stretchy frog for Tate.

Hoppy frogs for Brett and Paige.

 Froggy eyes rings for Hope and Hart.

And gummy frogs for everyone!

Sorry for the awful lighting.
It's late...and dark...and I'm too
tired to even make sure all the
pics are right side up.

A Lopsided Smile

I'm so thankful for our dentist.
And I like all the girls who work there. 
Thank Goodness!
Because I spend many hours there.

We've had 5 dentist/orthodontist
appointments in 2 days.

Paige was t-h-i-s close to
getting her braces off this month.
But one little tooth is slightly
out of place because she had it
knocked loose in basketball practice.

Sweet Hope thought she had  a 
sliver of a popcorn hull stuck
behind her last molar, but that
would be too simple, wouldn't it?
She actually cracked that molar.
On popcorn.  Which she doesn't
even love that much anyways.

 Chocolate is more her style.
Chocolate cupcake with 
chocolate frosting with
chocolate sprinkles with
chocolate ice cream on
a chocolate plate, please.

All of our kiddos tend to grind
their teeth down to nubs when
they're little.  The kind of teeth
grinding that our dentist tells me
is usually seen in stressed-out
little kids living in war-torn countries.

I know I'm not a perfect mother,
but come on!  I think it's hereditary.

So Tate had ground one little baby
molar down to the nerve and had
to have a little work done.  The up
side to that, is that he loves to look
at his lopsided smile while his 
cute little face is still numb.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

From Art Table to Dining Table

This light brown wooden tote has been on
a shelf holding spools of ribbon.

After a quick dry-brushing of white paint, 
now it's holding stuff on our dining table.

I picked up the s&p shakers, the yellow tin cup
and the pastry cutter turned napkin holder
at "Where'd Ya Get That" antique store
in Greensburg last Saturday.

I threw some greenery and candles in for fun,
although it's almost time to break out the 
spring decorations.  Tulips...or eggs...or bunnies and chicks?

I rescued this quilt from a thrift store for $7.00.
I have it thrown over our banister in the entryway right now.
I just couldn't bear the thought of someone
snatching it up to line a pet's cage or rip apart for rags.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Mini Mouse

What do you think of
when you hear the words
"Mini Mouse"?

I used to think of this:

Now I think of this:

It's a mini mouse!  Get it?
It's the cutest little computer
mouse I've ever seen.

And the best part?
I picked it up at JCP
after Christmas
for a couple $$.

And it makes me smile.
And yes, I know how
to spell 'Minnie' Mouse.
:) :) :)