Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Few Treasures

Hope and I did a little garage saling today
and I found a rusty treasure.

$20 later and it's sitting in my front yard,
patiently waiting to see what color I paint it.
Red, white, turquoise?

It may have to wait while I do a little sewing.

I found this set of six tea towels at the
thrift store in Lindsborg.  They are big,
thick and so cute.  The Sunday towel
has vegetables singing from a hymnal.

Thursday is missing, but I think I'll sew the
remaining six together and make a blanket.
Maybe I can find some vintage fabric to
sew on for the backing.

Paige kept our lab puppy, Shelby busy
playing fetch while I took pictures.
See all the 'treasures' Shelby has found today
to drag into the front yard?

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